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70-Year-Old Driver in Indiana Initiates Multi-Vehicle Collison Involving 11 Vehicles and a Pedestrian


Monthly Archives: October 2018

70-Year-Old Driver in Indiana Initiates Multi-Vehicle Collison Involving 11 Vehicles and a Pedestrian

One thing about car wrecks is that while you can take precautionary measures to avoid from engaging in one, you can’t prevent all from occurring which is why drivers and pedestrians must always be vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

Indiana School Bus Driver Arrested After Allowing Students to Operate Bus

With more and accidents involving buses transpiring today, motorists, as well as bus drivers, need to be driving with added caution to help prevent another from occurring. Unfortunately, not all are putting the necessary safety precautions in place which continues to increase roadway danger and risk. About a week ago, a bus wreck occurred in… Read More »

Teen Driver in Indiana Dies in Motor Vehicle Wreck After Crossing Into Lane with Oncoming Traffic

With so many factors contributing to car accidents today, it is essential that all parents discuss with their teen strategies on how to improve their driving and why they should always be cautious and careful when behind the wheel of a vehicle. In recent news, Fox 59 reported that a teen girl was killed in… Read More »

Indiana Couple Killed in Drunk Driving Accident, Leaves 5 Children Behind

How does a person tell a child that their mother and/or their father were killed in a motor vehicle accident? Unfortunately, many relatives are often faced with this difficult task after a family member of theirs was killed in a collision and left behind a child. Now, imagine having to tell five children that their… Read More »

Indiana Family Seeks Change in Distracted Driving Laws After Driver Causes Fatal Crash, Killing Their 9-Year-Old Son

One Indiana family is hoping lawmakers will toughen their distracted driving laws after losing their nine-year-old son to an accident caused by a driver who was on his cell phone. According to WTHR, the Scherers had been traveling on a highway in Florida about two years ago when a driver approaching from behind rear-ended their… Read More »



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