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As the Winter Season Approaches Indiana State Police Respond to More Car Accidents


As the Winter Season Approaches Indiana State Police Respond to More Car Accidents

As the temperatures drop in Gary, IN, Indiana State Police (ISP) Lowell District remind drivers to be cognizant of how dangerous the roadways can become when streets are icy or slick. ISP recently released a statement to the public saying that “Just because [the roads don’t] look icy/slick doesn’t mean [they aren’t]” [Source: The Michigan City News-Dispatch]. The statement comes after officials responded to more than 70 crashes in a 12-hour time period that began on November 12th  at 4:00 p.m. and ended on November 13th  at 9:00 a.m. in Northwest Indiana.

The news outlet reported in just that short time, officers responded to seven slide-offs, 52 property damage crashes, 17 personal injury crashes, and seven motorists assists. However, their numbers do not include any incidents that transpired on the Indiana Toll Road. One of the accidents even involved a state trooper. At around 11:10 p.m. Monday night, Trooper Zachary Huston had his cruiser parked on the outer shoulder on I-80/94 near I-65 in Gary as he was responding to a single-vehicle collision. The officer had his emergency lights activated at the time as well to notify other drivers that he was pulled off to the side of the road.

While pulled off, a 2007 Volvo semi that had been pulling a box trailer and was loaded with empty auto racks began to jackknife and hit Huston’s vehicle. That truck, which is owned by SNB Dhesi Trucking, was being operated by Sukdib Dhesi, 55, of Hampton, Ontario. After the trooper’s vehicle had been struck, the impact pushed it into a 2009 Mazda, which was pulled off onto the outer shoulder in front of the police vehicle. The Mazda was the vehicle that had been involved in the wreck in which Huston was responding to.

As a result of the crash, Huston had to be transported to Saint Mary’s Medical Center in Hobart with non-life-threatening injuries and the operator of the truck was taken to North Lake Methodist Hospital located in Gary. The trucker was later transported to the University of Chicago as his injuries were much more serious. The driver of the Mazda, who has been identified as 24-year-old Michael Durkin, was uninjured but did receive a citation for having an expired license plate.

Based on the number of collisions that occurred within that 12-hour timeframe, officials urge motorists to remember to use “caution when driving in snow or icy conditions.” Sgt. Chris Yagelski with the Michigan City Police told the source that “people just seem to forget how to drive in these conditions.” The ISP says that drivers should remember to “slow down, allow extra room [in between] the cars in front of you, take extra time to get where you’re going, and use caution when driving in icy weather.”

With the holidays drawing nearer, the last thing you need is to engage in a collision that results in property damage or even injuries.

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