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Does Indiana Need New Laws to Curb the Number of Fatal Car Accidents that are Occurring?


Does Indiana Need New Laws to Curb the Number of Fatal Car Accidents that are Occurring?

Individuals over at the Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety seem to think so.

Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety recently released its 2019 Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws and in it, not only are there some shocking statistics, but also seven different laws advocates believe need to be modified or enforced that could potentially help reduce the number of fatal accidents that are occurring on our roadways. The fact is “each day, on average, over 100 people are killed and 8,500 more are injured on our Nation’s roads.” In 2017, there were 914 fatalities recorded as a result of motor vehicle crashes in the state of Indiana alone and over the past 10 years starting from 2017, a total of 7,876 fatalities were reported.

Not only were many lives taken as a result of these roadway crashes, but the estimated annual economic cost due to car crashes has amounted to $6.375 billion. With more changes implemented, including laws being modified or enforced more often, advocates believe these numbers could reduce significantly. Below you will find what these seven laws are.

  1. All-Rider Motorcycle Helmet Law

The source highlights that although “motorcycles are the most hazardous form of motor vehicle transportation,” “an all-rider helmet law [would] increase motorcycle helmet use, decrease deaths and injuries, and save taxpayer dollars.” Currently, the state of Indiana only requires motorcycle riders who are ages 17 and younger to wear a helmet which means anyone above that age is given the option to not wear one [Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety]. And because many find them to be uncomfortable or out of style, they often don’t which only puts them at greater risk of sustaining a serious or fatal injury.

  1. Rear Facing Child Restraint Seat Through Age 2 Law

The source recommends that “infants and toddlers should remain in a rear-facing child restraint system in the rear seat from birth through age two at a minimum.” Indiana law only requires that children under the age of one year and less than 20 lbs. be restrained in a rear-facing child safety seat [Source: State of Indiana].

  1. Booster Seat Law

Parents should only transition their child into a booster seat when they have outgrown their forward-facing child restraint seat. They must then keep their children in a booster seat until they have reached the age of eight.

Teen Driving Laws

Because “teen drivers are far more likely than other drivers to be involved in fatal crashes [as] they lack driving experience,” advocates propose the following:

  1. To increase the minimum age for a learner’s permit from 15 to 16.
  2. Stronger Nighttime Restriction for drivers with a graduated driver’s license.
  3. Raise the age to obtain an unrestricted license to 18.

The final modification advocates recommend to the current laws in the state of Indiana is:

  1. Require Ignition Interlock Devices for all offenders

While it is evident that we rely heavily on our vehicles to get us from A to B, they do pose as a threat to our lives when the laws are far too lax, when they aren’t being operated properly, and when drivers aren’t taking the necessary precautions that they should to help prevent an accident or reduce their chances of sustaining an injury.

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