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Hammond Resident Sues Lake County Sheriff’s Department After Accident Involving Officer Led to Him Suffering a Brain Injury


Hammond Resident Sues Lake County Sheriff’s Department After Accident Involving Officer Led to Him Suffering a Brain Injury

A Hammond resident has decided to come forward and sue the Lake County Sheriff’s Department for a car collision that occurred back in 2016 that left him suffering from multiple conditions. Carlos Gallegos-Esqueda’s vehicle was struck at the intersection of Columbia Avenue and Gostlin Street by a Lake County officer who claimed he was in pursuit of a suspected drunken driver [Source: NWI Times]. The police report says that Officer Anibal Ramos “was in the process of turning his emergency lights and sirens on” when he drove through a red light at the intersection and never stopped.

The attorney representing Gallegos-Esquesda claims otherwise.

According to his lawyer, there no was “no pursuit, nor emergency situation taking place when Ramos ran the red light at 50 mph” and T-boned his client’s car. The suit alleges that not only did Ramos “disregard the light,” but that he also “traveled at high speeds, failed to activate his emergency lights, and neglected to keep a proper lookout before clearing the intersection.” And as a result of Ramos’ actions, Gallegos-Esqueda’s vehicle flipped several times which left him suffering from several different injuries including a traumatic brain injury (TBI) “that impairs daily activity, mental suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.”

What other evidence does Gallegos-Esqueda have?

Aside from the claims the victim has made regarding the negligent actions of the officer, the suit also acknowledged that the Lake County Sheriff’s police merit board found Ramos at fault for causing the accident at the time it occurred and it was recommended that he be suspended for five days and attend remedial driver’s training. Despite these recommendations, Ramos was still permitted to work during the time he was supposed to be suspended so that he didn’t lose pay. After uncovering these details, the victim’s lawyer cited in the lawsuit that “this lack of discipline was a pervasive, long-standing custom, policy or practice that has the force of law and was known by (defendants). Each failed as a matter of specific intent or deliberate indifference to stop or correct the custom, policy or practice.”  

The news outlet went on to highlight that officers employed by the Lake County Sheriff’s Department were involved in 12 accidents in 2017 and were found at fault for causing seven of those crashes. A spokesman for the department told the NWI Times that this was an improvement from the year prior when officers were involved in 36 crashes and were found at fault for causing 20 of those wrecks. The source states that the county, its Board of Commissioners, and Ramos have decided to deny any wrongdoing although the victim’s attorney “looks forward to seeing his client’s case run its course through the judicial system.”

The truth is, officers of the law are permitted to engage in certain types of behavior when an emergency arises, however, they do have certain policies and procedures they must abide by so that they don’t put the surrounding community at risk. Based on the information provided in the lawsuit, it appears Ramos did not follow certain rules which led to one man suffering from an irreversible injury that he will now have to deal with for the remainder of his life.

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