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Indiana Family Seeks Change in Distracted Driving Laws After Driver Causes Fatal Crash, Killing Their 9-Year-Old Son


Indiana Family Seeks Change in Distracted Driving Laws After Driver Causes Fatal Crash, Killing Their 9-Year-Old Son

One Indiana family is hoping lawmakers will toughen their distracted driving laws after losing their nine-year-old son to an accident caused by a driver who was on his cell phone. According to WTHR, the Scherers had been traveling on a highway in Florida about two years ago when a driver approaching from behind rear-ended their vehicle causing them to crash into the vehicle in front of them. The driver who hit them from behind had been traveling at speeds in excess of 90 mph.

The family’s vehicle became lodged in between the two cars and had nowhere to go. Unfortunately, the Scherers’ son was the only one who did not survive the crash. As for the distracted driver responsible for hitting their vehicle, he managed to walk away from the wreck without any scratches. While the Scheres family acknowledges that they used to engage in distracted driving behavior themselves, they now “know the repercussions of it” and are begging that motorists put down their phones and focus on the road ahead of them after losing their beloved child.

Aside from asking motorists to consider making changes in their driving habits when behind the wheel, they also think the current distracted driving laws aren’t tough enough. The news source highlighted that the current laws in Indiana prohibit a driver from texting and emailing, however, the law fails to address things like social media and other apps that are known to deter a driver’s attention away from the road. With tougher laws, perhaps more motorists would be inclined to keep their phones out of sight until they reach their destination.

Are you aware of how dangerous distracted driving is?

Although most of us are well aware of how dangerous distracted driving is, too many individuals today continue to engage in reckless and inattentive behavior when behind the wheel which has contributed to a large number of distracted driving car crashes occurring. Did you know that “there are now more crashes related to texting and driving than drinking and driving” [Source: Indiana Department of Labor]? With texting and driving increasing the chances of a person engaging in a crash by 28 times, it is time that all drivers begin to put forth the effort to drive safer and more responsibly. Cell phones along with any other forms of distractions should be left alone when a motorist is operating a vehicle and their attention should only be focused on the roadway.

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