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Indiana Semi-Truck Driver Crashes After Trying to Swat Fly


Indiana Semi-Truck Driver Crashes After Trying to Swat Fly

Distractions are all around us when we are driving. Between the shiny billboards and drivers in fancy cars catching our attention, it’s hard not to always keep your eyes focused on the road. Aside from that, many motorists also have their phones sitting in their laps dinging or ringing, letting them know someone is trying to get in contact with them. The point is, distractions are everywhere and far too often, we let them get the best of us when we are driving.

Just a few weeks ago, a semi-truck driver found himself in an unfortunate situation after he became distracted by a bug that flew inside his cabin from his window. NBC Chicago reported that Christopher Walker, 28, was driving southbound on I-65 around 9:35 a.m. just a few miles south of the Lowell exit when a bug flew into his window. Walker did what most people would do and attempted to swat it. However, in the process of attacking the bus, he took his eyes off the roadway, causing him to drive his semi off the expressway and into a guardrail.

The truck continued on and hit a construction barrier wall which then caused the tractor to detach. Although the tractor came to a stop in the middle of the southbound lanes of I-65, the “trailer went off the road and rolled onto its passenger side.” The news outlet stated that the impact from the concrete wall split the trailer open causing 42,000 pounds of plastic rolls to spill all across the road and even the embankment.

As a result of the single-vehicle accident, traffic was backed up for hours and was diverted to State Road. When medics arrived at the scene, Walker refused treatment and received a citation for unsafe lane movement.” Thankfully, this accident was just a case of a close call as no other vehicles were involved and no serious injuries were sustained.

What Distracts Drivers the Most?

While there are a number of things that contribute to drivers becoming distracted, including a bug flying in your window, you might be surprised to learn that one of the top distractions that affect drivers today aside from cell phones are drivers who get lost in thought. While cell phone usage has led to approximately 476 people dying in auto accidents in 2015 alone, drivers who daydream or get caught up in their thoughts are also known for engaging in distracted driving accidents too [Source: Teen Safe].

One thing you can do to help prevent yourself from causing one of these types of accidents is refrain from engaging in any type of behavior that will cause you to lose focus of the roadway ahead. That means keeping your cell phone out of sight and waiting until you get to where you need to go before trying to make a mental list of plans of what needs to get done at home while you are driving.

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