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Mayor of Carmel, Indiana Engages in 3rd Car Accident While Serving as Mayor


Mayor of Carmel, Indiana Engages in 3rd Car Accident While Serving as Mayor

Fox News recently reported on a car accident that occurred last month involving Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard. The source said that when Brainard attempted to make a U-turn, he struck another vehicle while driving a city-leased vehicle. Fortunately, Brainard nor his passengers suffered any injuries and did not require medical attention, although the 2017 Ford Fusion he was driving did sustain more than $5,157 worth of damage.

The officers who were called to the scene of the wreck treated it as a hit and run after the other driver provided false information and then left the scene before officials arrived. Fox News says at the time of the collision, Brainard had been giving movie producers a tour of the city and although police did not feel the need to administer any type of field sobriety test, Brainard was adamant of having a blood test conducted to prove he had not been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. His blood alcohol test came back with a reading of 0.00.

This wasn’t the only accident Brainard had been involved in while serving as mayor.

In fact, the news outlet says that Brainard “hit a trailer attached to a truck in April 2017 after he crossed the center line of the road.” At the time of that incident, he had stated that he had been tired. Back in 2002, he also “t-boned a school bus while driving a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer.” Thankfully, no one sustained any injuries in that collision. Brainard has served six terms as mayor and is considered “one of the longest-serving mayors in Indiana.”

What should I do if I’m involved in an auto accident with a state employee?

Accidents involving state and city employees are often common in Indiana and other states across the U.S. Many times, police officers are the ones to engage in these collisions as many find themselves having to rush to a call. Ambulance drivers and even firefighters are others who engage in crashes frequently as they are often in a hurry to get to their destination. Although motorists are required to move out of the way for first responders, there are times when the first responders themselves are responsible for causing an accident.

In the event you have been involved in a car crash with a city or state worker and the incident has led to your vehicle sustaining damage and/or you suffering from injuries, you are encouraged to contact Gary, IN personal injury attorney Marshall P. Whalley. While you are permitted to bring a claim against the city where the accident occurred or the state of Indiana if the worker is directly employed by it, the timeframe to do so is extremely limited. There is also a very specific process you must follow when filing a claim against the city or state and our office wants to be sure you are aware of what the steps are that are associated with that process.

If you are interested in learning more about filing a claim against a state or city worker for the damages they have caused along with how much your claim might be worth, contact Marshall P. Whalley & Associates, PC today to schedule an initial consultation where we can discuss this.

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