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What Are the 3 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents?


What Are the 3 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents?

The precise statistics vary from source to source, but researchers agree that the single most common cause of car accidents in the U.S. is driver error. According to the Center for Internet and Society, driver error is at least partially responsible for roughly 90 percent of all motor vehicle collisions in this country.

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Despite this troubling statistic, people are wary of self-driving cars. In theory, USA TODAY reports that they could save 35,000 lives per year. Since no technology is foolproof, though, there might be hundreds of fatalities per year due to glitches and unanticipated maneuvers, and it’s this figure that scares consumers the most.

Of course, the widespread use of fully autonomous vehicles is still several years away, and in the meantime, it is up to motorists everywhere have to prevent collisions by remaining attentive, sober, and alert when behind the wheel. Otherwise, the consequences—for both themselves and those on the road around them—could be devastating.

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What Are the 3 Most Common Causes of Driver Error?

Driver error encompasses all kinds of mistakes, misjudgments, and dangerous maneuvers. At the end of the day, all motorists are vulnerable to making an error that causes an accident; however, some conditions and scenarios are more likely to lend to devastating mistakes than others.

For example, some form of distracted driving is likely responsible for most of the collisions that can be attributed to driver error. Motorists who fail to focus on the traffic around them have less time to respond to hazards that arise, and they are more likely to make poor judgment calls once they finally do notice a looming danger.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly nine people die every single day in crashes involving a distracted driver. An additional 1,000 people sustain injuries daily around the country.

Driving while impaired is another common scenario that increases the risk of making some kind of fatal error when behind the wheel. Every day, 28 people throughout the United States die in a collision involving an impaired motorist.

A third common cause of driver error is fatigue. Motorists who are drowsy are more likely to make mistakes when behind the wheel because they are not fully alert. The CDC reports that drowsy driving is responsible for at least 72,000 accidents annually, including up to 6,000 fatal collisions.

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