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Defective Products


Defective Products Attorneys Represent Injured Parties

Providing experienced advocacy for consumers and industrial workers hurt by defects

Producers of consumer products and industrial machinery have a duty to make their products safe for their intended use and any reasonably foreseeable use. Producers who design, manufacture or market defective products are liable for the injuries these defects cause. Marshall P. Whalley & Associates, PC skillfully litigates products liability cases involving hidden defects that caused their clients' injuries. For more than 30 years, our firm has worked to obtain compensation for our clients while making the marketplace and industrial workplaces safer for everyone.

Understanding your rights under products liability law

If a product is not safe for its intended use or for unintended uses that the producer should reasonably anticipate, it is a defective product. In most cases, the producer of the product is strictly liable for all injuries the defect causes. That means that an injured user of the product does not have to prove the producer was negligent, but simply that the defect caused the injury. Product defects are categorized as follows:

  • Design defect — The product was badly planned. Engineers did not use the proper specifications to ensure that the product functioned safely, or they omitted necessary safeguards, such as kill switches, from the design.
  • Manufacturing defect — Though the design was sound, the company that built the product did a poor job and introduced a defect. This can happen when a manufacturer does not employ the designer's specifications or uses substandard or toxic materials.
  • Marketing defect —The packager of the product did not include adequate warning labels to prevent users from hurting themselves in a reasonably foreseeable way while using the product.

Defects are usually not obvious. Marshall P. Whalley & Associates spends a great deal of time investigating products liability injuries, consulting with experts in design and manufacturing and running tests on allegedly defective consumer products and industrial equipment. Since we're dedicated to investigating every possible avenue through which our clients can recover, we also explore the possibility that a product defect was a factor in automobile, motorcycle and tractor-trailer accidents.

Contact our trial lawyers regarding a products liability case anywhere in Indiana, Illinois or Michigan

Marshall P. Whalley & Associates, PC provides excellent advocacy for victims of defective consumer products, industrial equipment and vehicle parts. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 219.769.2900 or contact our Crown Point office online.



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