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70-Year-Old Driver in Indiana Initiates Multi-Vehicle Collison Involving 11 Vehicles and a Pedestrian


70-Year-Old Driver in Indiana Initiates Multi-Vehicle Collison Involving 11 Vehicles and a Pedestrian

One thing about car wrecks is that while you can take precautionary measures to avoid from engaging in one, you can’t prevent all from occurring which is why drivers and pedestrians must always be vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

In recent news, a major accident is being reported on involving 11 vehicles and one pedestrian in Hobart, IN. The wreck, which was initiated on U.S. 30 and ended in a Chuck E. Cheese parking lot, apparently started after a 70-year-old driver who has a history of suffering from seizures, struck a vehicle while heading westbound on U.S. 30 [Source: NWI Times]. Lt. James Gonzales of the Hobart Police Department told sources that he considered this to be “the largest car accident that he has seen in his career and he’s been a police officer for 15 years.”

The news outlet stated that after the male driver hit the first vehicle, which occurred in front of Avalon Manor, “his vehicle continued traveling at a high rate of speed, hitting another car on U.S. 30 and jumping the curb.” His vehicle then “crashed into nine cars in the parking lot of Chuck E. Cheese.” An individual who had been standing between two vehicles in the parking lot was also struck, although it isn’t clear if the male driver hit him with his car or if it was another vehicle in the parking lot that hit him/her.

After police were dispatched to the accident and arrived at the scene at around 3:49 p.m., they found the 70-year-old stuck inside his vehicle. First responders had to assist him in getting out and proceeded to transport him to the hospital with minor injuries. He was said to have been in stable condition with “no serious wounds.” As for the others involved, the news source highlighted that while one driver complained of minor injuries, no one was severely injured. It is likely police will investigate the crash to determine what caused the male driver to crash into the two vehicles on U.S. 30 before making any assumptions as to why it occurred.

However, based on the information that officers were able to gather, it is clear that the male driver was a senior citizen and someone who suffers from a medical condition. Although these factors may not have played a role in this particular crash, they are the main causes of many other roadway crashes that transpire. Unfortunately, as individuals age, things like driving can become more difficult, especially if a person suffers from medical conditions with symptoms that could affect them unexpectedly.

Therefore, if you have an elderly relative who is still driving, yet you have grown concerned that it isn’t safe for them to do so any longer, it may be time to bring it to their attention. If you aren’t sure whether your aging relative has become a risk to themselves and other drivers, consider reviewing some warning signs AARP suggests you keep an eye out for that might indicate it is time they take advantage of alternate forms of transportation that don’t require them to get behind the wheel. The last thing you want is for them to engage in an accident or cause one that results in others suffering from severe injuries.

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