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Can I File a Lawsuit to Recover Damages if I Slipped and Fell on Someone Else’s Property?


Can I File a Lawsuit to Recover Damages if I Slipped and Fell on Someone Else’s Property?

Slip and fall accidents are among some of the most common types of accidents that occur. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, “falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits, representing the leading cause of visits” and “slip and fall accidents account for over 1 million visits.” While some slip and fall accidents are attributed to an individual being careless and inattentive, others are caused by employees and business owners who had a duty to maintain their premises but failed to do so.

Now, when an individual sustains an injury in a slip and fall on a someone else’s premises and they can prove that an employer and/or employer was negligent in some way, they can take legal action in an effort to help recover compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and even lost wages. Although it can be challenging to win a slip and fall case, it is possible when you have the right personal injury attorney working on your side. Now, to help you better understand when you might consider filing suit against a liable party whom you believe is responsible for your fall, below we highlight a few lawsuits that were recently filed in the state of Indiana.

  1. Karlie Koss of Markle filed suit in the Delaware Circuit Court 5 after she slipped and fell at Eaton First Church of God located at 700 E. Harris Street back at the end of 2016. The Star Press stated that Koss has been an “invitee” and while she was visiting the church, she “slipped and fell on an accumulation of liquid on the kitchen floor.”  As a result of the fall, Koss suffered “serious bodily injury and time lost from her employment.” She decided to file suit and requested that a jury determine the damages in her case. Sometimes, it can benefit a victim to have a jury rule on a personal injury case as they actually get to see the degree of suffering the injury has caused and can use this when deciding how much the victim should be awarded.
  1. A man proceeded to file suit in a Delaware Circuit Court after he slipped and fell outside of an Albany medical office. According to the news source, the man had fallen on ice, “which was the result of water leaking from a ruptured gutter” which led to him suffering from a fractured wrist which later required surgery. The lawsuit also alleged that the “design of the clinic’s entryway/exit way violated state building codes.”

Did you recently slip and fall on someone else’s premises in Gary or Hammond, IN?

Are you considering filing a personal injury lawsuit?

If you are the victim of a slip and fall accident that occurred in Gary, IN and believe you have a viable case on your hands, we encourage you to contact Marshall P. Whalley & Associates, PC today to speak with an experienced IN personal injury lawyer. The reality is, there is a strong chance you will be able to recover compensation for the injuries you sustained, the medical bills you have accrued, and even for the time you have had to spend out of work, but you will need the right type of lawyer working on your side.

Therefore, if you would like to have one of our skilled Gary, IN personal injury attorneys look over the details of your accident and determine how much your case might be worth, call us now at 219-769-2900.

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