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What Are the Most Dangerous Driver Distractions?


What Are the Most Dangerous Driver Distractions?

If your vehicle was manufactured within the past decade, it probably has Bluetooth technology for hands-free capabilities. Although this feature eliminates the need for motorists to touch their phones while behind the wheel, researchers have found it does not necessarily prevent distracted driving.

Woman driving and looking at cellphone

According to the National Safety Council, hands-free devices are no safer to use while operating a motor vehicle than standard smartphones. Drivers may not have to take their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road to use a hands-free device, but interacting with their smartphone in any way still demands their attention, which reduces reaction time significantly.

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What Are Most Dangerous Driver Distractions?

There are countless distractions that can divert your attention from the road, but they all fall under at least one of three main categories. The three kinds of driving distractions are:

  • Manual;
  • Visual; and
  • Cognitive.

A manual driving distraction is one that requires you to take your hands off the wheel while a visual distraction takes your eyes off the road. Cognitive distractions, on the other hand, allow you to keep your hands and eyes where they should be but draw your attention from the traffic around you.

The most dangerous kinds of distractions are those that fall under multiple categories. For example, texting requires your hands, eyes, and focus.

As soon as you take your eyes off the road to write or read a text message, you become blind to any potential hazards around you. Additionally, since your hands are off the wheel, you cannot take evasive action should you spot a hazard upon glancing up from the screen.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, writing or reading a text message requires at least five seconds of your attention. If you are traveling 55 mph, that means you will essentially cover the length of an entire football field without looking.

Other dangerous distractions that fall under more than just one category include:

  • Eating and drinking;
  • Applying makeup;
  • Inputting a route in the navigation system;
  • Adjusting the mirrors;
  • Helping passengers in the back seat; and
  • Trying to get something out of a purse or briefcase.

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